Adventure Fest 2016 Preview

We catch up with Gociety’s Director or Partnerships, Jason Antin, for a sneak peak of what to expect at their huge event in Denver this weekend.  Tons of fun activities to try out, beer and music all day, get to know other adventurers and athletes, plus the event is dog and family friendly (kids 12 and under are free)!

Stop by and see Dispatch at the Zeal Optics lounge, where we’ll be interviewing a bunch of influencers and badass adventurers all afternoon.

Get your tickets now! #afestdenver

And a huge shoutout to Big City Mountaineers, Gociety’s non-profit partner for Adventure Fest who played a big role in helping the event come together.  A portion of all event revenue will go towards their operating costs and program development.




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