How much does this sh*t weigh, anyway?

Ski mountaineering, or “skimo” if you’re one of the cool kids, has been on our minds here at Dispatch Radio ever since we sat down with Joe Howdyshell in our “Pre-Stoke” show.  So I went out to Salt Lake City to check out the latest and greatest (and lightest) gear available, and in some cases not yet available, for getting up and down a hill of snow. We’ll have a full report on all of soon. For now, all this talk of ski weight got me wondering about my own backcountry setup. How much does this shit weigh, anyway?


Bike Night Cycling Heart Shaped Tail Light – Night Cycling Safety

For the anatomically-impaired biker who apparently has never seen a cartoon heart (much less, a real human heart) comes this… uh, interestingly shaped safety device. One things for sure; it takes some balls to ride around town in those tight shorts with this jiggling next to your seat post. There’s no way this is unintentional…

EASY INSTALLATION: Our premium bicycle lights can be installed in seconds without the need for any tools or other equipment,  just hook it on your bike and turn it on [lol -DR]

Source: Bike Night Cycling Heart Shaped Tail Light – Night Cycling Safety

The Ultimate Mountain Bike Van Conversion 

The ultimate dirtbag mystery machine?

She was perfect. Which is to say, the price was right; she cost $1400. She had high miles (168,000) and the sort of rust you would expect from a 17-year-old vehicle from Ohio.

Source: The Ultimate Mountain Bike Van Conversion for Under $6,000–Including the Van! | Teton Gravity Research