DRH: Clare Gallagher and Olivia Hsu Eschew the Traditional Path for a Life of Adventure

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The Dispatch Radio crew sat down with two giants in their respective outdoor worlds – Clare Gallagher and Olivia Hsu – with a host of #fots in the Studio Boulder Airstream. With Upslope beers in hand and The Good Kind band to set the mood, we dug into a wide array of topics.

Despite the nearly 15 years that separate them and different outdoor pursuits, Clare and Olivia a lot in common. Both are highly educated women who planned to pursue professional careers – for Olivia, the law, for Clare, medicine – before the adventure bug bit them. Just last year, following her win at the Leadville 100, Clare dropped plans to pursue medical school in order to focus full-time on running. Both women are sponsored by big brands – for Clare, The North Face, and for Olivia, prAna and Five Ten, among many others.  And both have a sweet tooth, though Clare stepped her love up a notch with a frosting sponsorship with Boulder-based FROST’D.

Topics discussed:

  • Climbing hard in your 40s and beyond
  • The benefits of yoga to climbing and running
  • SNAKES! on the trail
  • Making a career out of outdoor adventure
  • Running and climbing retreats






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