Dispatch #1: Basement Stories

Injury. Eventually it catches up with all of us and puts a damper on our pursuits. In this inaugural episode of Dispatch Radio, we introduce you to the crew and explore how injury has affected our lives; Andrew Schuhmann tells us his story about how a long and difficult recovery from something as relatively benign as tendinitis challenged his self-identity as a mountain biker and outdoor enthusiast.

You’ll also hear from our first-ever story slam winners: Adventure Racer Erik Sanders fights off jungle monsters and defends himself from killer bees with a trash bag in South America; and Golden Mountain Runner Sarah Turner tells us about the time she saved a baby during an ultramarathon. Babies most definitely shouldn’t run (crawl?) ultramarathons.

All of this brought to you by “Apples” (not the computer).


For more from today’s guests…

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