Dispatch Radio makes news, ‘competes’ in an adventure race

Nick Brogna, representing Team Mandragoras/Dispatch Radio along with Cory Feign, waiting at the finish line to cheer for teams that actually knew what they were doing.

Adventure racing is a unique endurance discipline that requires careful strategy. The winner is the team that reaches the most “control points”, locations set by the race director throughout the course area, and returns to the finish line under the 24-hour time cutoff. If multiple teams “clear the course,” or reach every possible control point, then the race comes down to who crosses the finish line first. [Olof] Hedberg and his Team Knifesquirrel teammates, Whitney Hedberg (Olof’s wife) and [Dispatch Radio regular] Erik Sanders, had taken an early lead in the race, which involved running, paddling, mountain-biking, open water swimming and backcountry navigation. They lost the lead when, late in the night, they decided to pursue a control point at the top of 12,296 foot Parkview Mountain.

Source: Grueling adventure race criss-crosses the Three Lakes | SkyHiDailyNews.com



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