DRH: Badass Adventure Journos Jayme Moye, Cameron Martindell and Avery Stonich

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The life of an adventure journalist seems awfully glamorous from afar. Getting paid to travel the travel the world and adventure 24/7. What’s not to love, right?

Three prolific Boulder-based adventure writers – Jayme Moye, Avery Stonich and Cameron Martindell – tell us what’s right and wrong about this common impression of the craft.

Topics discussed:

  • Writer’s block and Jayme’s incessant bird petting
  • Avery’s first byline in Outside Mag!
  • Cameron’s insane number of extracurricular activities
  • Getting a toddler on a snow bike
  • Supporting your significant other in a life of poverty… we mean, ADVENTURE!

A big thanks to our sponsors at Upslope Brewing Company and our awesome hosts at The Studio Boulder.




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