The New Way to Work Remotely | 5280

BY JAYME MOYE, 5280 magazine

For some Coloradans, particularly those who leave town every weekend to mountain bike in Fruita or make turns in Breckenridge, the arrangement might sound like a dream. At the very least, it would mean not having to suffer Sunday afternoon gridlock on I-70 to ensure you’re at your desk come Monday morning.

At the very most, having your passenger seat double as your desk chair could foster an unprecedented work-adventure balance—chasing world-class outdoor recreation year-round. (Think: surfing Southern California in the summer and, come winter, skiing Colorado…or Utah or Wyoming, depending on the snowfall.)

And if Instagram is any indication, a heck of a lot of people are inspired by the idea of living on and working from the road. In the three months it took to research and write this story, the following of @vanlifediaries—an Instagram account co-founded by two Australian van-dwellers who curate photos of live-in vans and their owners worldwide—increased by more than 60,000.


Source: The New Way to Work Remotely | 5280



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