On the Nose with Hans Florine and Jayme Moye 

An interview with Hans Florine and Jayme Moye, by the staff at Alpinist …

Alpinist: I’m interested in how the idea for this book came about. The autobiography of course is organized around the Nose, but I’m curious to know whether that structure pre-dates the planning stages of the book or if it came naturally. Perhaps a different way of asking this question is, could there be another Hans Florine autobiography that doesn’t begin and end with the Nose?

Hans Florine: I’ve been journaling my ascents of the Nose and other big wall routes since I started climbing in 1983.

I will be doing a “full biography” at some point. After reliving some early climbing stories through Jayme’s interviews, it was clear that there are many fun stories yet to be told that did not take place in or around the Nose. I suppose it may start as: “I was born on a military base in Virginia with an older sister and brother ready to show me around.”

Alpinist: What was the process of writing the book like? How did the two of you approach co-authoring the book?

Jayme Moye: We started the writing almost immediately after climbing the Nose in September 2015. Our goal was to turn in a first draft of the entire manuscript by December 31, 2015, which gave us just over three months to write it. In retrospect, this was fast. Like stupid fast. But considering it was Hans Florine’s book, how else could it be?


Dispatch #2: That’s Soooo Boulder

No matter which side of the Boulder bubble you find yourself there something for everyone in this That’s So Boulder edition of Dispatch Radio. Recorded live at Boulder Running Company, this episode examines what makes Boulder, Colorado such a unique, qualified hub for outdoor activities… and the butt of many a fellow Front Ranger’s jokes. We catch up with Boulder Hiker Chicks founder Alli Fronzaglia and the rest of her group as they’re doing the Boulder Five Peak Traverse in unseasonably warm shirts. Youth MTB coaches Katie Mardis and Kay Tuttle discuss getting kids hooked young (on mountain biking and being athletes, obviously), Gociety partner Jason Antin reveals a very Boulder alternate use for the First Flatiron, The “Boulder Runner” Todd Straka lets us in on his secret identity as an 80’s musician and Jayme Moye climbs El Capitan with Yosemite big wall legend Hans Florine… because why not? Beer support provided by Boulder Beer with a special soul-warming meal from our friends at R.A.D. (Real Athlete Diets).