UPDATE: Eric Lee Ends 14er Record Attempt After 16 Stormy Peaks

Eric Lee hoped to break the speed record for bagging all of Colorado’s 58 14ers, but Mother Nature had other plans… After bagging 16 peaks in a little over 70 hours, slogging through storms on every one of them and getting hypodermic, he called it quits over night due to safety concerns.  Still a remarkable achievement and inspiration for the rest of us mere mortals who consider bagging a single 14er Facebook spray-worthy! Get warm, Eric, and get some SLEEP!

Updates from Eric’s friend Chris Gerber:

Weather is horrible. He’s hypothermic at 14k right now

He’s done. He turned back towards Lake Como. Said it wasn’t safe.

It stormed on every single one of his 16 Peaks










UPDATE: Eric Lee’s first day (update from friend Chris Gerber)

Eric’s Lee’s Thoughts Before Taking Off (from his blog)

FiveThirtyEight (2015): Meet The Maniac Who Scaled 58 Peaks In Less Than 10 Days

SB Nation (2013):  John Prater’s attempt 




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