Why I’m Not “Thru-Hiking” The AT – The Trek

It’s not just getting “thru,” and it’s not just Springer to Katahdin: it’s all the miles and mountains in between.


Ask my mom. Ask my ex-boyfriend. Heck, ask the regular cashier at Dunkin Donuts about that time they thought they were out of Mocha Swirl. I am a competitive, stubborn person. When I set my will to doing something, I would walk barefoot across broken glass to complete it. When I broke my pelvis, I rode a horse again three weeks later, mostly because I was told I shouldn’t. I don’t take the words “no,” or “you can’t” very well.

And it’s for that reason that I am not thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail. And yes, it’s totally about semantics.

This trip is not about finishing. Knowing myself, my willpower, and my previous experiences with the trail, I probably will finish. I feel confident in that fact — likely too confident, and likely to eat my words, but confident. But hiking the Appalachian Trail is not about touching two imaginary endpoints. It’s about all the spaces in between.

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