How World-class Snowboarder John Leslie Fought Cancer 

by Morgan Tilton, Teton Gravity Research

At just 10 years old, professional para-snowboarder John Leslie found a lump behind his knee. The tumor was osteogenic sarcoma, a type of bone cancer. Timing of the biopsy was impeccable. He started chemotherapy immediately, and three months later—as an 11-year-old—had to decide between three surgery options.

After reflecting a full amputation, Leslie chose an alternative Van Ness rotationplasty with the hopes of pursuing upright sports (his childhood dream was to be a NHL hockey player), and to continue his life as an athlete.

Ultimately, his health decision aligned.

Within one year, he was skating non-body contact hockey, and he learned how to snowboard—which ultimately stole his passion and focus. Now the 23-year-old Paralympic snowboarder—who won 7th place in Sochi—is a full time athlete and has trained to become one of the world’s top riders.

Source: How World-class Snowboarder John Leslie Fought Cancer | Teton Gravity Research



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